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A dog is a good animal as it is a loyal animal

A dog is a good animal as it is a loyal animal
A dog is a good animal as it is a loyal animal


The dog ( scientific name : Canis lupus familiaris ) : It is a mammal and a member of the Canidae family of carnivores . The dog was tamed 14,000 to 150,000 years ago by humans . Usually the dog is described as loyal , also called " man's best friend " because of his high ability to remember his owner well , even after a long break from him .

There are many breeds of the dog clan of different types and functions , including : hunting dog , field dog , shepherd dog , guard dog , police dog , greyhound dog , blind escort dog and sled dog . This type of dog that has been used to pull carriages on the ice to our time .

Canidae  ( Latin : Canida ): A family that includes wolves , foxes , and jackals . The dog is one of the first mammals that humans have tamed from wolves , which had appeared 60 million years ago . And she lived with him for the past 14 thousand years . It is a descendant of wolves that used to roam in Europe , Asia and North America .

Wolves have roamed villages in the Northern Hemisphere in search of food 12,000 years ago . Currently , there are many strains of them . Canine skeletons have been found in Denmark , England , Japan , Germany and China dating back to prehistoric times .

The ancient Egyptians knew a jackal . And they made statues with the body of a dog and the head of a jackal animal . A statue of Anubis was found in Tutankhamun's tomb , dating back to the year 1330 BC . We have also found a breed of Seleucid dogs in the tombs of the ancient Egyptians . They were mummified since 2100 BC next to the pharaohs inside the pyramids . The Greeks and Romans could produce strains of them .

Dalmatian was trained in hunting and carriage since the year 1800 BC and guarding the horses that were pulling carriages from other dogs that feared them .

Kinds of dogs :

There are many types of dogs and they are ranked according to their strength:

1 - The wolf dog , which is a hybrid animal resulting from the mating of a female dog with a male wolf , so it takes the strength attribute of the wolf and the quality of loyalty from the " mother " dog . Among its types are Siberian Husky dogs , Alaskan Malamutes , German Shepherds and others , and they live in freezing cold regions .

2 - Ornamental dogs , which are many types of dogs .

3 - Hunting dogs that are used in hunting , as they chase the prey to aim it towards the hunter so that the prey becomes close to it and hunts It .

4 - Guard dogs , such as the German Shepherd dog , are used to guard farms and homes .

The behavior :

Humans use dogs in guarding, hunting , and in the process of pulling carts . It was used in wars to guard and carry messages between battalions in armies . There are dogs who are trained to lead the blind and deaf in the streets and domestic work ; Such as alerting the deaf to ring the phone or the door , or directing the blind to wander inside the house or cross a street .

Some types of dogs have a very strong sense of smell than other breeds . That is why he was trained for other tasks such as detecting drugs and firecrackers such as dynamite , Persian ants , and those who were drowned in the water in the depths of the water . These types of dogs can search for missing people in earthquakes and fires , and some dogs can eavesdrop on sounds that a person cannot hear with his ears , so that the dog is able to hear the clock ticking 40 feet away .

Despite these differences in all types of dogs and their types , they are all anatomically identical . The number of bones of the skeleton is 321 bones . And the breeds differ in the numbers of tail bones . But her rib cage consists of 13 pairs of ribs and the spine consists of 7 vertebrae in the neck , 13 vertebrae in the chest , 7 lumbar vertebrae , and 3 vertebra in the sacrum . The hind legs have 4 claws and four toes . There claws in four or five fingers out . The puppy has 28 temporary teeth , but after the age of 6 months they are replaced and their number becomes 42 permanent .

All types of dogs live in all continents of the world except Antarctica , and in jungles and forests in temperate and rainy regions , in the desert , in mountains and in the tundra . The gray wolves ancestors pet dogs . They are carnivores of large animals such as buffalo , rhinos and deer , and small animals such as rabbits and rats .

Dogs can acutely hear and their strong sense of smell can roam to guard vast areas of wolves or to search for food . Males mate with females in January , after which they give birth from 5 to 6 as a result of which the mother suckles from her nipples . And share in food after weaning .

Puppies are born blind and unable to stand completely . And spend 90% of her time sleeping . The rest of the time she breastfeeds . Puppies cannot resist high cold because their circulation is not spilled , so the puppies stick to their mother to get warm . The mother cleans the pups and takes care of them like other female mammals , while the father plays no role in this task .

Arrive between dogs :

Among dogs , there is a language of communication , including body language , facial expressions , tail lifting , and ear standing and straightening . The hair standing above the back indicates fear , annoyance , aggression or submission . These signs are important , as in the case of extreme aggression and hostility , the dog bows its teeth , relaxes its ears , raises its tail , stiffens its legs , and straightens the hair on its back and grinds or barks .

Zoning :

Dogs define the boundaries of their areas with their urine . Its smell is a language that is addressed to warn other animals , especially among other dogs . He defends these limits by barking , snarling , or expressing in his general language . Domestic dogs tend to train to express their loyalty to their owner and win his admiration .

Average dog lifespan :

The dog lives from 8 to 12 years depending on the environment in which it lives and taking care of it . And you must , before acquiring a dog , that the veterinarian carefully examine the diseases that he has , if he is infected . Or vaccinate him against rabies . The dog needs good food , hygiene , shelter , exercise outside , water and training for 16-30 minutes a day on a continuous basis so that it does not forget what it trained it on .

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