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Affenpinscher dog

Affenpinscher dog
Affenpinscher dog

Affenpinscher dog

Affenpinscher :

First , excuse my friend , you may find this name strange and not in circulation , but here in this blog Tech buzz we strive hard to come up with the smallest details about the animal that we are talking about and we are here in connection with a type of small dog called Affenpinscher and this is the original name that has been given since its discovery and it does not exist literal translation .

It is one of the oldest small-sized breeds that appeared in Germany during the seventeenth century .. Some of the paintings that were found from the fifteenth century showed that this type was at one time greater than its descendants , which were found in our hands in this period and this dog remained for long periods They are raised for rat control in kitchens and farms .

This is due to the fact that this type of dog showed great ingenuity and extraordinary activity due to its association with dogs in keeping the numbers and locations of mice in the farm or horse stable and then catching and eliminating them in the late 1800 s .

A single and complete breed of this type of dog was established in southern Germany and due to its dense fur and small size , the rich and famous preferred it to have . The United States of America imported this type of dog after World War II until it now has more of this type than there are in all parts of the world .

Affenpinscher dog phenotype :

Like other dogs in shape and appearance , except that it is characterized by a thick coarse fur that is relatively long for this type , its color is black or gray , with a small muzzle , small ears , and dark black eyes . This type of dog was called ( the monkey dog ) due to the protruding eyes and the large size of the lip The lower part of the mouth , and its tail is short , and some genetic mutations were found in the ancestors of this type in terms of colors , as red and beige were found with a slightly larger size , along with the two dominant colors , which are black and gray .

Affenpinscher dog behavior :

In fact , this type of dog , although it is like other dogs in appearance , differs from it somewhat , and it is considered a subspecies of the Doberman family . He is energetic and loyal , loves adventure and stubbornness , loves to play and has fun , and is loyal and loyal to its owner , and it may be calm and show love to its owners , but if you feel in danger or fall under any threat , it may be very fierce and in a state of extreme agitation and it did not show any fear towards any aggressor , regardless of its size . Therefore , it is not recommended to have it in homes with small children .

Affenpinscher dog history :

This type of dog , which we know as it is today , was discovered in Germany in the late 17th century as a domestic mousetrap , and it was somewhat taller than this breed that exists today . This species was bred with domestic dogs when America imported them during the year 1900 AD . Which in turn led to the emergence of this short stature that we have today . Then this new strain spread until it is now the most popular in Britain .

Interesting facts and features :

The dog Affenpinscher was named in the 17th century in Germany , it was called at that time ( Zwerg Affenpinscher ) , which translates literally ( dwarf monkey dog ) and it was called this name because at that time it was strange in shape similar to a little monkey .

This strain almost became extinct during the World War , but it was mated with the well-known (Brussels Griffon) strain , and this mating resulted in a strain with a shorter muzzle and a more prominent chin with the black color of the fur .

 Some facts about the Affenpinscher dog :

Origin : Germany
Group : Dog
Average size : 25 cm
Average Weight : 3.6kg
Average age : 12 years
Color : black , gray
Temperament : Constant alert and inquisitive
Training : Intermediate
Distinguishing Characteristics : Dark black color with wired hair and dark eyes

And here we have come to the end of this article , which we hope you will like , visitors to the Tech buzz blog .

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