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Animals ( scientific name : Animalia ) , also called " metazoan " , meaning multicellular animals . They are eukaryotic and multicellular organisms that form the animal biological kingdom ( Latin : Animalia ) .

With few exceptions , animals consume organic matter , breathe oxygen , are able to move , and can reproduce sexually , growing out of a hollow circle of cells , and blastula , this happens during embryonic development .

More than 1.5 million species of living animals have been described - of which around one million are insects - but it is estimated that there are more than 7 million animal species . Animals range in length from 8.5 μm to 33.6 meters .

They have complex interactions with each other and with their environments , and they have complex food networks . The animal kingdom includes humans , but in general usage the term animal often refers to non-human animals . The scientific study of animals is known as zoology ( Latin : zoology ) .

animal species :

There are three main groups in the animal kingdom :
1 - Herbivores animals : herbivores , which depend on plants for feeding .
2 - The group is carnivorous , and it preys on other animals .
3 - The multi-edible group that eats meat and plants . Of course , there are smaller groups within these groups .

There are three main groups in the animal kingdom :

1 - Herbivores animals :

Among the herbivores , there are species that graze on the weeds that grow on the surface of the earth , and there are also some types of invertebrates such as mollusks and ( slugs ) that live on algae and other plant resources .

The well-known types of livestock : " such as sheep , cows , and horses " are among the herding animals , as are wild animals such as deer , buffaloes , and zebras , and there are other types that feed on tree leaves , soft twigs and fruits , among them the giraffe , elephant , goat , and panda bear .

The types of teeth differ from one type to another ; Herbs are tough and often dusty or have sand on them , so the animal needs to chew well . Thus , the teeth of the herbivorous animals are long and bear the length of use , while the leaves and fruit eaters have shorter teeth .

2 - The carnivorous animals :

Carnivores prey on most other types of animals , and this group includes multiple types of animals , ranging from small microscopic creatures to creatures skilled in hunting , such as : wolf , tiger , and lion .

Hunted animals :

Many carnivores master the art of hunting and use different methods to obtain their prey , and these methods change by changing the way the prey defends itself , and many of the hunter's carnivores depend on guesswork in their search for food . It expects to find what it preys somewhere , and relies on its senses to find the prey .

Some waterfowl searches in the mud and in shallow water , perhaps having some worms or other small animals , and the raccoon extends its hands under the water in search of types of fish , and there are other animals that quietly follow the traces of their prey and be careful until they are at a distance where they can pounce on them . Huge cats , like a lion , and a leopard crawled quietly and slowly , concealing their body among the weeds until they became near the prey, and the falcon stops moving in the air until the eyes of its prey turn away from it and pounce on it .

Ambush is a common technique for hunted animals . They hide without movement until their prey approaches them , and many animals that follow this method improve camouflage in order not to appear ; Some spiders turn their color like the color of the branches they hide in while waiting for an inattentive insect .

3 - Scavenging animals :

Some species eat whatever food is available to them , such as meat , herbs or plants . Invertebrates , such as starfish , eat the remnants of various organic matter .

Balance in nature :

There are multiple factors that make up the balance in nature . All life forms depend on water and air , which are not living substances , and they also depend on other living things in the environment .

Food chain :

Plants such as weeds , for example , are the food of herbivorous animals such as zebra , which in turn is food for carnivores such as lion , and this link between animals is called the food chain .

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