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Cooking methods

Cooking methods
Cooking methods

Cooking methods

Basic methods of cooking include 1- baking in the oven 2- Roasting 3- Grilling 4- Frying in oil 5- Boiling in water 6- Slow cooking 7- Cooking by steaming.

Salt, pepper and other spices can be added to food during cooking to improve the taste and flavor of the food. Some appetizers can also be used to decorate the dish and add more attractiveness and elegance to it, as these appetizers are usually stacked around the food after its completion and before serving it. Among the types of materials used to garnish are parsley, sliced tomatoes and lemon.

1- baking in the oven :

Food is baked by placing it on a plate in an oven with a temperature between 150 and 220 ° C. Bread usually refers to cooking foods that consist of buttermilk or dough, and this includes bread, cakes, pies, and pastries. You can also bake other foods at the same time, including roasted dishes, in addition to some vegetables and fruits, as well as certain types of meat.

2- Roasting :

The word roasting is used to describe the process of preparing some types of meat in open containers inside the oven. For example, a turkey or a lamb thigh is fried, and the meat is placed in a flat pan on a stove for cooking in the oven without being covered when roasting. The oven temperature ranges between 150 and 180 ° C when frying.

3- Grilling :

The barbecue is used for cooking meats in particular. However, there are a few types of vegetables and fruits that are also sometimes roasted. In this case, foods are placed on a stand, directly above or under a burning fire. The process of grilling the meat is done by using a barbecue in which burning charcoal is used.

4- Frying :

It means cooking food using fatty materials such as butter or vegetable oils at a temperature of up to 190 ° C. It should be noted that frying increases the calories in foods, as these foods absorb some of the fat in the pan during the frying process.

There are three types of frying: 1- Deep-frying 2- Light-frying 3- Stir-frying. In the first type, a large amount of fat is heated in a deep bowl or a thick skillet that is filled with fat so that the material to be fried is covered. This method is usually used for frying chicken and potatoes, such as potato chips.

In the case of light frying, the food is fried with a small amount of fat in the pan. Chicken, eggs, fish and meat are often fried in this way.

As for frying with stirring, it is an oriental way of cooking meat and vegetables, which, after cutting them in small pieces, are placed in a large metal bowl with a round base, in which a very small amount of fat is placed.

In this case, the food is fried over a high heat for a few minutes, and with constant stirring.

5- Boiling in water :

It is the process of heating food in boiling water at a temperature of 100 ° C. This method is usually used for cooking vegetables and rice, and vegetables are boiled in a small saucepan, usually placed over the stovetop.

6- Slow cooking :

In this case, the food is cooked with water or another liquid that is heated below the boiling point, which is a preferred method over boiling when cooking eggs, pulses or meat. In this case, a covered saucepan or slow cooker may be used.

It is an electrically operated gadget in which food is slow cooked that lasts for up to ten hours and at a low temperature. The material to be cooked is placed with an amount of liquid in the slow cooker in this case with the temperature fixed at a certain degree.

7- Cooking by steaming :

The steam cooking method is mainly used to cook vegetables; They are placed on a stand in a small saucepan that is filled with water below the level of the position. Then the pot is closed and heated so that the water comes to a boil.

This method takes longer than boiling, but vegetables that are steamed retain more of their nutrients than they do when boiling. It should be noted that this method is sometimes used to cook fish as well.

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