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Elements of health

Elements of health
Elements of health

Elements of health

Personal health is divided into three basic elements :
1 - Physical health .
2 - Mental health .
3 - Spiritual health .

In the following , we will explain each element separately .

1 - Physical health :

Physical health has certain elements , namely :

Nutrition : A complete and balanced diet is the basis for building the human body properly , and a complete diet is classified into groups : sugars , fats , proteins , vitamins , and minerals .

Physical exercise : Physical exercise keeps the human body healthy , strengthens its muscles , improves the work of the heart muscle , improves the work of the mind , and also improves breathing , as sport works to prevent physical problems .

Rest and sleep : Rest increases human activity , vitality , and strength . Since the elderly need more sleep than the younger ones , the lack of sleep can lead to some physical problems .

Hygiene : Hygiene protects against bacteria and skin diseases .

Teeth : Taking care of the teeth and cleaning them daily , using the toothbrush and toothpaste before going to sleep and after eating is one of the most important factors of physical health , and a person must take care of the gums as well .

2 - Mental health :

Mental health has certain elements , namely :
Emotional development : A person's mental health is affected by the experiences he acquired from a young age , and it is also affected by sad and happy situations and experiences .

Dealing with psychological pressures : It is not possible for any person to get away from psychological pressure , but there are ways to help him deal with the psychological pressures that he faces , including :
Exercising , sleeping for a long time , walking , meditating , relaxing and contemplating ; All of them help you to distract yourself from the psychological pressures .

Social Relationships : Social relationships have a great impact on human health . So that the intimate relationships between friends and relatives give support and courage and increase mental health .

3 - Spiritual health :

The elements of spiritual health aim at the individual living a happy life in which he is satisfied with himself , and thus building a strong , cohesive and stable society , and these elements are :

Self-esteem : so that individuals who enjoy spiritual health feel self-acceptance and self-esteem .

Self-knowledge : People know themselves , and take into account their feelings of self and their true motives for something .

Self-confidence : Individuals who enjoy spiritual health have great self-confidence , as they perform their work independently .

Spiritual health causes the individual to control his emotions , behaviors , and emotions , so he avoids erroneous behavior and acts in a sound and proper manner , and it has importance not less than the importance of physical health . as the scientists have agreed that spiritual health is an important factor in achieving physical health and safety from diseases .

The concept of spiritual health is represented by the ability of the individual to achieve harmony with himself and with his society , and it is also exemplified by the individual achieving satisfaction with himself , which makes him able to achieve happiness with himself and with others , and becomes able to endure the conflict in his different forms of life and his abilities .

Spiritual health represents endless happiness for a person , so he can live without problems , make many friendships , and be able to overcome any trauma or psychological pressure that he may be exposed to at any time .

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