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The difference between types of honey according to the properties and the type of plant it is produced from

The difference between types of honey according to the properties and the type of plant it is produced from
The difference between types of honey according to the properties and the type of plant it is produced from

The difference between types of honey according to the properties and the type of plant it is produced from

Acacia honey :

Acacia honey is one of the best types of honey because when it is liquid it is completely transparent and when crystallized it turns to a snow-white color .

It contains 36 % glucose and 40 % fructose , and bees produce 1,700 kg of honey per hectare of white acacia .

Among its properties : It is a tonic for memory , as it is aromatic , which helps in the treatment of diseases of jaundice , diabetes , anemia , and infections in women and the improvement of eye disorders and is beneficial for the growth of children and its calming properties for adults .

If it is taken with apples , it is the best and effective antibiotic , especially for colds .

Thyme honey :

The color of honey thyme is like red agate , it tastes spicy and contains botanical contents and has the scent of thyme flowers , while its taste is distinctive and its density is high .

Natural thyme honey contains a low content of sucrose , so it is one of the best types of honey with the possibility of consuming it for diabetics ( you should consult your doctor ) .

Thyme honey works as an antibiotic , strengthens the nerves , it is a source of energy increase , helps to strengthen memory , improve headaches , relieve menstrual cramps , abdominal and intestinal pain , relieve cough and sore throat , treat diabetes insipidus , general infections in the body , and dress wounds .

Multi-plant honey :

It is honey produced from many plants or flowers and from the nectar of different flowers .

This type of honey has many general properties for the body and is recommended for various diseases as a treatment for infections as a result of infections and intestines , and is useful for constipation , intestinal disinfectant , anti-diarrhea , antipyretic , strengthens the nerves , anti-cough and asthma , and is used to purify the blood and liver , treat migraine and fight osteoporosis .

Clover honey :

This type of honey has a light and pure amber color and becomes slightly darker and pale in color when crystallizing , and it hardens and crystallizes almost quickly and becomes a white mass like thick milk because it contains more glucose .

In general , clover honey is not very sweet and does not have a strong taste as this type of honey has a slight sweetness and an indistinguishable aroma , and it contains 57 % glucose and 40 % fructose , and since it does not have a strong taste , it is the honey that chefs prefer to use .

One of the properties of clover honey is that it strengthens nerves , increases memory , contains many vitamins , and is very useful for people who suffer from nosebleeds .

This honey is very fragrant and delicious , it is a laxative and a blood-forming agent , beneficial for menstrual disorders in women , and useful for people with limb twitching and tonic .

Fennel honey :

Fennel is a medicinal plant that is distinguished by its aroma and flavor and has many healing properties .

Honey produced from the nectar of fennel flowers contains all the properties of fennel , which include strengthening the body's digestive system and treating indigestion and bloating , as well as antiseptic and anti-microbial properties , reduces blood pressure and cholesterol , prevents cardiovascular diseases , relieves menstrual cramps , and helps increase sexual desire .

Fennel honey is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals , strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer .

Fennel honey produced from a single flower is dark in color , has a fragrant aroma , has a taste similar to caramel and is one of the finest types , and this type of honey crystallizes slowly .

Black seed honey :

Black seed honey strengthens the nerves , helps to strengthen memory , is hypnotic , increases breast milk , and treats kidney diseases .

It also improves headache and rheumatism , strengthens the body , helps eliminate blood and liver toxicity , and is useful in nausea , abdominal pain , constipation , and strengthening women during childbirth .

Black seed honey has a thick texture , delicious taste, dark color , and has many medicinal benefits .

Citrus honey :

Its pale yellow color tends to be brown ( brilliant amber ) and has a slight scent that smells like aromatic citrus blossoms , it also has a mild , pleasant taste and many medicinal properties .

Citrus honey is unique and vital for strengthening memory and is also useful in treating stomach problems , bloating , vitamin C deficiency , nausea , poisoning , colds , and swelling of the body . It is an antiseptic , blood purifier , analgesic , useful for hiccups and intestinal worms , useful for stomach cancer , for increasing the basic metabolism , and antibacterial and antifungal .

Coriander honey :

Coriander honey is close to creamy in color and contains a high percentage of glucose , and has a spicy aroma and special flavors that were collected from the nectar of white and pink flowers .

Among the characteristics of coriander honey is that it suppresses the appetite and tonic for the stomach , it is useful in indigestion and fever , in the prevention of infectious diseases such as measles and smallpox , as a sedative and soothing for coughing , removing toxins from the body and tonic for sperm . It is also an effective disinfectant .

Wild honey :

Wild honey comes from young bees , which differ from natural bees that are bred as these bees build a colony over trees and in the crevices of rocks in the mountains where it is difficult to harvest honey in many of these colonies .

Due to the extraordinary healing properties of this species , the difficulty in harvesting wild honey , and even the scarcity of this new honey , its price is relatively high .

Among the most important characteristics of this type of honey is that it gives the body high energy , treats digestive problems , anemia , strengthens memory , as well as enhances sexual potency .

Manuka honey :

This honey is produced by bees in forested regions of Australia and New Zealand from the nectar of manuka trees and is of high quality .

It has a special flavor and a dark golden color that is distinguished by being one of the finest types of honey because it contains a very important substance , which is methylglyoxal , with more high proportions than any type of honey and is characterized by its high nutritional value .

Manuka honey is a natural remedy for wounds in the past when antibiotics were not available . Manuka honey was also used to disinfect and heal wounds and kill bacteria that are resistant to the antibiotic .

Manuka honey can treat ailments like acne and sinus infections , and other benefits of manuka honey include improving abdominal pain , improving the digestive system , strengthening the immune system and its energy-producing properties .

Sunflower honey :

Sunflower honey is golden yellow in liquid form and amber yellow in crystal form with green stripes .

It has a weak smell and good taste and is obtained from the golden yellow flowers of sunflower . It is a tonic and gives vitality , which helps to strengthen memory .

It is also useful for softening the chest , improving bronchial and throat problems , softening the voice , relieving cough and cold , and neutralizing toxins .

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