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Essential solutions for natural beauty without the need for makeup

Essential solutions for natural beauty without the need for makeup
Essential solutions for natural beauty without the need for makeup

Essential solutions for natural beauty without the need for makeup

To be more beautiful naturally without any makeup , here are some amazing tips that you will be amazed by .

All women prefer natural beauty over artificial beauty , but because they do not know how to look natural , they resort to cosmetics , but is it possible to do beauty without makeup ? So that you look normal , here are the following methods :

Skin beautification :

Having smooth and delicate skin is the first step to natural facial beauty . Beauty tools may mask skin problems , but over time they can make skin problems more difficult . Meanwhile , using natural herbs can help rejuvenate the complexion .

Eyebrows beauty :

You do not need to use pen and mascara to make your eyebrows thicker and with a high-quality technique as you can use natural methods and enhancers like bitter almond oil and coconut oil to make your eyebrows thicker .

Keep the old mascara tray , and after washing the mascara and brush well , pour the mixture of castor oil , aloe vera gel , and vitamin E into the mascara and apply it to your eyelashes and eyebrows using a mascara brush , and repeat this every night for a month before bed .

Beautify eyelashes :

The eyes are the most important part of the face because it gives attractiveness and beauty to it , and in order to make your eyes more beautiful , you need to strengthen the eyelashes in natural ways to make them long and thick . Jojoba oil , olive oil , and castor oil can thicken eyelashes by repeated use .

Beautify the lips :

You can use olive oil and honey and rub lips gently with these two materials to get soft and smooth lips . Don't use lipstick more than necessary , as all cosmetics have long-term side effects .

Get rid of dark circles under the eyes :

If you love to drink coffee , do not discard the coffee that remains at the bottom of the cup , but rub it gently around the eyes to get vibrant eyes .

Or mix dry coffee and a spoonful of coconut oil in equal proportions and apply it to the skin around your eyes for 5 minutes , and use this mask 3 to 4 times a week .

Beautify the body naturally :

Even at home , you can use an anti-cellulite mask :
1 - Mix one tablespoon of ginger powder with two tablespoons of clay and four tablespoons of warm water .
2 - Apply this mask to the areas that contain cellulite ( such as the abdomen , buttocks , and arms ) and cover the area with cellophane .
3 - Wait for about an hour and take a warm bath .

..... Important You can use this application once a week .....

Remove unwanted foot hair :

Sugar is one of the best options for removing unwanted hair because this method is painless and non-harmful to the skin , and on the other hand , it helps remove hair under the skin as well .

Method :
1 - Mix a quarter cup of lemon juice with two cups of sugar and a quarter cup of water , and then boil the mixture on low heat until it becomes golden in color .
2 - After the mixture has cooled a little , put it on the hair on the skin of the foot and stretch the mixture well , and then pull it out . It is an effective way against the hair growth and removing it from its roots under the skin .

Beautify hair :

If you are tired of your oily hair , regular salt , or sea salt is a more specialized option and will help you solve this problem .

Method :
Add 2 to 4 tablespoons of salt to the shampoo and rinse your hair with it , as applying this will keep your hair clean for a longer period .

For fragrant hair , all day long , spray some perfume on the brush or comb that you use to comb your hair . Then comb your hair with it several times .

Eliminate blackheads :

If you are bothered by having blackheads on your nose or chin , you can remove them with a natural mask .

Mix a tablespoon of water , a tablespoon of flour , and a tablespoon of honey , and dip a piece of cloth or a strip of medical gauze in this mixture , then apply it to the area where there are blackheads , leave it to dry , and then pull the tissue from your face after a minute to two minutes .

Get rid of dark color under the armpits :

With the help of grated raw sweet potato , you can remove the darkening of the skin under the armpits . Apply this mask under the armpits for half an hour and then rinse with warm water .

Smoothen your feet :

Mix two cups of warm water , half a cup of baking soda , and a cup of vinegar , then soak your feet for 5 to 15 minutes . Dry your feet with a towel and massage using a moisturizing cream .

You can wear socks for two hours to keep your feet soft and tender .

Normal white teeth :

In this case , strawberries will help you solve this problem . Mix a tablespoon of crushed strawberries with one tablespoon of baking soda and use it twice a month in place of toothpaste .

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