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The principles of beautification

The principles of beautification
The principles of beautification

The principles of beautification

What are the principles of beautification ?

Beauty and beautification are two sides of the same coin , beauty is a divine gift , and beautification helps highlight the areas of beauty , and gives more attractiveness and dazzling  .

Cosmetic has become a necessity after it was a luxury , and it developed greatly , as it found a special branch of the faculties of medicine for cosmetology .

Fundamentals of the art of cosmetology and beauty :

In order to be beautiful and belong to the world of beauty and cosmetology, you have to adhere to several things that make you this , without neglecting any of its aspects , it is known that beauty is not limited to the beauty of the face but rather reaches the whole body , even the soul , and from the basics of beauty :

1 - Be concerned with your agility and body weight :

Getting rid of the fat accumulated in the abdomen , buttocks , hands and waist , in order to reach the proportional weight with your height , the first things that draw attention is the beauty of the body , fitness and proportion .

2 - sleep enough hours :

Comfortable and deep sleep , for enough hours , works to regenerate cells and leads to the beauty of the skin , giving it more vitality and freshness , and adequate sleep also helps to control body weight as well , and it is known that the average sleep required for most people is eight hours of comfortable and deep sleep to achieve the desired benefit from him .

3 - Eat healthy and balanced meals :

The healthy and balanced food , that is, eating food that contains the necessary quantities of vitamins , antioxidants , fibers and minerals necessary for the body , the body that lacks some of these nutrients can never be beautiful or complete .

4 - Make sure to drink enough water every day :

It is necessary to drink an amount of water equal to at least two liters per day , because water increases the beauty , freshness and attractiveness of the body , because it works to eliminate toxins and excretions that produced by the body .

5 - Take care to practice appropriate types of exercise :

Permanent practice of sports works to tighten the muscles of the body and prevent it from sagging , which gives the muscles more strength and coordination , and the  practice of exercise keeps the body healthy and agile .

6 - Attention to hair :

Taking care of hair health and not overburdening it , and working to protect hair from breakage and split ends , using appropriate hair oils , using appropriate shampoo and adding conditioner are things that give the hair luster and an attractive and beautiful appearance .

7 - Protection from harmful solar rays :

The ultraviolet rays that emit from the sun are one of the body's biggest enemies , and exposure to them without a shield can result in the worst health disasters , apart from burns , as damage may reach skin cancers as a result of exposure to these harmful sun rays , so protection should not be neglected . Including not being exposed directly to it for long periods and without shielding from these rays .

8 - Attention to personal hygiene :

Among the most important things that a person should take care of , such as showering twice : three times a week , working to get rid of excess hair in all areas , and using deodorant , body and skin fresheners .

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