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Usage Policy

In the beginning , we welcome you followers and visitors of the " Tech buzz " blog.

Dear visitor , there is no doubt that you are among the priorities of the blog , and we hope that we will meet your expectations , but we would like to draw attention to some important points that we hope you adhere to :

Firstly , the blog ( Tech buzz ) is a general blog that does not talk about one thing . If you want to know the blog , we recommend that you visit the About Us page .

Thus , it is prohibited for any visitor to violate the following terms :

1- It is prohibited to use promotional comments for individuals or organizations .
2- It is forbidden to offend others, whether persons or entities, whether verbal or similar .
3- It is prohibited to display links to any pornographic or inappropriate content or the like .
4- It is forbidden to promote any of the extremist ideas .
5- It is prohibited to publish any links to other sites .

These terms are not subject to discussion and must be adhered to

In the end , we hope to implement these terms , and we thank you very much .

 . . . . Bye . . . .


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